Klamath Falls Police Department

Police vs. Fire

Each year the police department joins with other local law enforcement officers and plays charitable basketball and softball to benefit those in need.  The greatest part is that our competition is against local fire personnel!
The Guns and Hoses annual basketball event is sponsored by the Joann Burns Memorial Foundation.  The purpose of this event is to raise colon cancer awareness and help fundraising efforts with scholarships awarded to local students. This event raises thousands of dollars each year.



The Guns and Axes annual softball event has also always proved to have great community backing as well.  This past year’s event raised over $3,000 dollars for Citizens for Safe Schools.


Both events prove to not only to be competitive on the court and baseball diamond, but also with the fundraising efforts.  Please support your local police and fire personnel as we attempt to support our community partners.

Policing with Purpose
Policing with Purpose