Klamath Falls Police

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Crime Statistics

Contrary to popular perception, the crime rate in the City of Klamath Falls has been steadily falling for the past 15 years and is now half of what it was in the mid 1990’s. In 1996 our serious crime rate was 66.5%. In 2008, the City crime rate was only 31.8%. For the past 10 years the crime rate for the City of Klamath Falls has been consistently below the state-wide average.

KFPD had the highest crime clearance rate in 2007 among our neighboring cities.

State-wide average 21.0%
Klamath Falls PD 44.9%
Medford PD 32.6%
Roseburg PD 33.0%
Grants Pass PD 12.2%
Bend PD 29.4%

This data confirms not only the quality of the law enforcement services provided City residents by the KFPD but also the positive impact the Department has on controlling and reducing criminal activity in the City. 

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