Klamath Falls Police Department

Internet Safety 

Dear Parent:

As parents, we make every effort to provide our children and grandchildren with the knowledge and experiences of life that will enhance their growth and hopefully make them prosper. With the technological advances of modern days, this in some ways has made our jobs as adults’ an easier task.

The Internet is a valuable resource of information. It allows the user to research topics, explore places they have never been, chat with people across the world and a host of other activities. Although there are many good features of the Internet, like anything else in life, there are also areas of danger. As vigilant as parents may be, in reality they cannot spend every minute with their child while the child is online.

It is important for parents to educate themselves in the use of the computer and the Internet. Both pre-school and school children use a computer on a regular, if not daily, basis. Thus, we as parents often have a lot of learning to do just to understand the basics.

Attached is a list of tips of Internet safety for students and parents, useful sites for keeping children safe on the Internet, search engines for children and families and links to filtering and blocking software.

In the event that you or your child encounters a problem that may be a violation of the law while on the Internet, you may call the Klamath Falls Police Department or your local public safety agency. If you have any Internet/ computer related questions, or have a group that would like a presentation regarding Internet crimes and/or safety, please feel free to contact Detective Mike Anderson at 541-883-5336.

Chief James L. Hunter
Klamath Falls Police Department