Klamath Falls Police

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Lieutenant Ryan Brosterhous graduated from Southern Oregon State College in 1995, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminology. Lieutenant Brosterhous began his career with the Klamath Falls Police Department in 1996, working within the Patrol Division until he was assigned to narcotics enforcement within the Detective Division in 1999. He worked narcotics investigations and was assigned to the Major Crime Team as needed until he was promoted to the rank of Patrol Sergeant in 2002.

As a Detective and a Patrol Sergeant, Lieutenant Brosterhous also served as an entry team member on the S.W.A.T. team and as one of the department’s physical fitness coordinators. Lieutenant Brosterhous assisted in the development of the department’s and community’s crime mapping system, a version of COMPSTAT (computer driven statistics), which helps allocate appropriate resources to address crime, traffic safety, and quality of life issues within the community.

Lieutenant Brosterhous’s current duties include supervision of the Detective Division and support personnel, to include an Information Systems Administrator. He is also in charge of training, equipment, and the department’s policy and procedure process.

He shares co-responsibility for Major Crime Team, Community Watch, Budget Oversight, and Internal Affairs.  Lt. Brosterhous is a member of the Oregon Association of Chief's of Police.  He is also a member of the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association.


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