Klamath Falls Police


The Klamath Falls Police Department continues to aggressively pursue criminals that pose a threat to a safe community environment. The Detective Division of the Klamath Falls Police Department is tasked with pursuing criminals that commit the most violent crimes or are habitual offenders.

The Detective Division has seven full-time officers assigned to investigate a wide variety of criminal activities. Detectives are assigned to investigate violent person crimes such as homicides, robberies, assaults, sexual offenses, and abuse to individuals unable to protect themselves. The Detective Division is also tasked with the investigation of major property crimes such as burglaries, financial thefts, computer crimes, and theft involving a large amount of loss.

The Detective Division continues to be an active member of the Klamath County Major Crime Team. The Klamath County Major Crime Team is comprised of detectives from our agency, the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police. The Klamath County Major Crime Team is responsible for the investigation of all major crimes or crimes that significantly affect the safety of residents throughout Klamath County.

The Street Crimes Unit was created on June 1, 2010. Two patrol officers were selected to join the Detective Division to remove them from the calls for service rotation and allow them to focus on “Problem Oriented Policing” strategies that directly affect the City of Klamath Falls street level activity issues, such as; narcotics, gangs, graffiti and property crimes.

Although the Street Crimes Unit works under the direct supervision of the Detective Division, they work closely with the Patrol Division to gather and share information to proactively reduce crime. They rely heavily upon patrol contacts on the street and school resource officers for intelligence to prioritize and help to manage our enforcement and prevention efforts.

By removing these former patrol officers from the call rotation, they are able to obtain specialized training to enhance their abilities with writing search warrants, improving communication skills, developing informants and participating in large scale and time consuming investigations. This training and experience helps to further develop our officers and increases the quality of our police services.

Recent successes include:
• The Street Crimes Unit requested personnel and financial assistance from the Oregon Department of Justice that allowed them to develop narcotics informants and conduct investigations of multiple narcotics crimes. This effort resulted in a series of large scale drug raids resulting in the service of 14 search warrants and the arrest of 32 persons for various drug crimes.
• Solving several burglaries and the recovery of multiple victims’ property valued at over $100,000.
• The recovery of several stolen vehicles.
• The investigation and service of a search warrant leading to the discovery of a drug lab and the recovery of 35 gallons of the precursor drug, “P2P” that is used to make methamphetamine. Street value of “P2P” is approximately $4,000 per gallon and each gallon is capable of making approximate 6 pounds of methamphetamine.

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