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*We are currently recruiting for a new Chief of Police*

Chief of Police


The City of Klamath Falls seeks a forward-thinking and visionary individual with strong leadership and management skills to assume the role of the Police Chief. The ideal candidate will be honest, fair, and ethical. The City is seeking individuals with strong oral and written communication skills who will maintain open lines of dialogue with all stakeholders. A successful candidate will be an engaging and approachable manager who will maintain a high level of discipline and support high morale in the Department. An individual who will be committed to community-oriented policing is sought.

The new Police Chief must be a leader with business acumen and passion for the Department. The new Chief should serve as an example to the staff, setting a high standard and encouraging professional growth, development, and training. A strong collaborator who is open, honest, and receptive to feedback will be valued. The ideal candidate will be proactive on community and internal issues, with the ability to establish relationships within the community and work with outside agencies.

The ideal candidate will work collaboratively with the City Council, City Manager, and all city staff. A candidate is sought who will be committed to being a team player by being open and responsive to other City Departments. It is essential that the incoming Police Chief have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of individuals; write reports, correspondence, and procedure manuals; speak effectively before groups; and promote teamwork among supervisors.

A progressive and farsighted individual is sought who will establish and fulfill the goals and objectives of the Department. The new Chief will inspire the Department to work together to create a more efficient working environment. Candidates who can demonstrate a proven track record of successful decision making and action are desired. The ideal candidate will be able to identify key issues in complex situations, evaluate options, and initiate strategies for resolutions.

Filing Deadline:  December 29, 2014


For additional information and to apply please go to http://www.bobmurrayassoc.com/recruit/searchDetail.asp?broc_id=1015 or call Mr. Joel Bryden at 916-784-9080.


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